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Virtual Museum

Welcome to Phantom Living History Groups virtual museum. In this museum you will find out all about GHQ liaison regiment 'Phantom' from the vehicles they drove, equipment they used to the men that served in Phantom. If you have any information you would like to share please feel free to contact us. This museum is currently under construction so some page will be missing.

Famous Phantoms

Phantom attracted individuals from all backgrounds including some high calibre individuals who went on to enjoy illustrious careers after the war which included acting, parliament and policing. Many of them didn't state who they actually served with during the war due to Phantom's secrecy so they resorted to saying they served in different regiments. Click here to find out more.


The Men of Phantom

The men of Phantom came from all across the UK each one bringing their talents to the team. Their role played a vital part in the victory of the allies and saved many lives. Click here to find out their stories. If you have any stories of the men of Phantom please get in touch so we can share their amazing tales.

Radio Sets

Phantoms role in the war depended on these radio sets, they provided accurate and live reports on how each company was doing, they also allowed J-section to listen in to axis communication and report that to HQ. Various radio sets were also developed by Phantom, so of which are still kept under wraps. Click Here to find out which sets Phantom used.  

White Scout Car Back.jpg
a squadron germany.jpg


In WWII warfare changed and armies became mechanised, as Phantom was always pushing technology they used this to their advantage. Also, radio sets back then required a lot of accessories and often one vehicle would carry one radio set. Click here to find out about the vehicles Phantom used. 


Every soldier had their job and every soldier carried their own equipment. Click here to find out the equipment Phantom used.


There are to few pictures of Phantom. Click here to view our database. 

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