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Events 2022 - the highlights of our year

Brougham Hall Wartime Weekend Penrith 5th-8th May 2022


We took the Phantom Display, Jeep and Dingo this event at Penrith, Cumbria, the home of the 35TH TANK BRIGADE OF THE 79TH ARMOURED DIVISION during WW2 and where they developed the Canal Defence Light - one of Hobart's funnies tank modifications.


CountryFest@Crooklands (J36 M6) 28th May 2022


This popular Food Festival gave us a chance to take the Phantom Dingo and Jeep to a local event


D-Day Festival Normandy June 6th



We attended the D-Day Commemorations in Normandy to retrace Phantom's steps 78 years after D-day. We also displayed alongside AAC Normandie at Arromanches on 5th June, attending various events on the 6th and then the Port-en-bessin Liberation Parade on 7th.


The Victory Show
September 3/4th

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