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Virtual Museum - Famous Phantoms

Phantom attracted men from all backgrounds, including some high calibre individuals who went on to enjoy illustrious careers after the war, including as actors, politicians and in policing and sport.  Due to the secrecy associated with Phantom, many of them declared affiliation to other regiments, keeping their links to Phantom secret. 


David Niven

Niven who originally commanded A-squadron, finished the war at the rank of Major. After the war he returned to acting and his credits include: A Matter of Life and Death and Separate Tables. 


Sir Peregrine Wosthorne

Worsthorne served with Phantom on the Italian front. After the war he went on to gain a second degree and became a  journalist, writer and broadcaster.


Viscount Macmillan

Macmillan served with Phantom during the war. He later became a Conservative MP, serving in Edward Heath's Cabinet in the 1970s. His father, Harold, was Prime Minister from 1957 to 1963.  


Sir Robert Mark

Mark acted as the SF liaison officer during the Normandy campaign. After the war, he joined the Police Force and later became the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police from 1972 to 1977.


Sir Carol Mather

Mather served with Phantom for a short period. After the war, he continued his career in the British Army, serving a total of 22 years. He then became  the Conservative MP for Esher.


Sir Gordon Richards

Richards was already a famous jockey when he arrived at Phantom,  with over a hundred victories under his belt. After the war he continued his career and remains one of the only knighted jockeys.


Hugh Williams

Williams or 'Tam', an actor, came back from Hollywood to serve with Phantom during the war. Afterwards he continued his acting career. His 57 film credits include: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Insult


Jakie Astor MP

Astor J. served with his brother in Phantom. He was attached to the SAS on missions in France. Read more here about his career

After the war, he became a Conservative MP for and was also a successful agriculturist and race horse owner. 


Michael Astor MP

Astor M. served alongside his brother in Phantom, After the war he became a Conservative MP in 1945. 


MP Christopher Mayhew

Mayhew joined Phantom in 1940 where he gained promotion to Major. After the war, he also went into a career in politics and became a Labour and then Liberal MP. eventually receiving a life peerage and serving in the House of Lords. 


MP Hugh Fraser MBE

Fraser, after serving with Lord Lovat's Commandos, joined Phantom as a captain and served as a SAS Liaison Officer in Belgium. His actions earnt him an MBE. After the war, he became a Conservative MP.

Michael Oakenshott

Michael Joseph Oakeshott 11 December 1901 – 19 December 1990) was an English philosopher and political theorist who wrote about philosophy of history, philosophy of religion, aesthetics, philosophy of education, and philosophy of law. He saw active service in Europe with Phantom and he ended the war as Adjutant of Phantom's 'B' Squadron and acting major.


John Hislop
served in SAS Phantom was the owner-breeder of the great champion racehorse Brigadier Gerard, was probably the finest amateur jockey of all time on the Flat, an excellent rider over obstacles and an outstanding racing journalist.    Read more 


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