Virtual Museum - Vehicles

Phantom used a variety of vehicles, each one helped in different ways and as the unit evolved so did the vehicles they used.

Daimler Scout Car

Daimler Scout Car

The Daimler Scout Car, also known as the Daimler Dingo was a British 'light' fast four wheel drive reconnaissance vehicle. Its major advantage was the gear box, which allowed the vehicle to switch the gear box into reverse, meaning it could reverse as quick as it could drive forward. This ability made the Dingo such a brilliant reconnaissance vehicle.

Designer - Birmingham Small Arms Co.

Manufacturer - Daimler

Weight - 3.0 Tonnes

Length/Width/Height -  3.18/1.71/1.5m

Crew - 2

Engine - 2.5 litre 6-cyl Daimler Petrol

Max Speed - 55mph

M3A1 Scout Car

The M3A1, also known as the White Scout Car was a light reconnaissance vehicle. It large capacity at the back allowed them to carry lots of radio equipment, which was perfect for role that phantom played. Made by the U.S. it was lent to the British during the war as part of the lend-lease agreement.

Designer -  White Motor Co.

Manufacturer - White Motor Co.

Weight - 5.67 Tonnes

Length/Width/Height - 5.61/2.03/1.96m

Crew - 5

Engine - Hercules JXD straight 6-cyl Petrol

Max Speed - 50mph

Bedford QL(R)

The Bedford QL had many variants, each designed to do a specific task. The one phantom used is the R variant, which was a beford QL with a Radio housing on the back. This vehicle was commonly used by 'J' section back near the HQ. 

Designer - Bedford

Manufacturer - Bedford

Weight - 3.2 Tonnes

Length/Width/Height - 6.0/2.26/2.54m

Crew - 5

Engine - Bedford 6-cyl Petrol

Max Speed - 30 mph

Morris Commercial C4/C8/15-cwt

The Morris Commercial C4 or a.k.a. 'Gin Palace' was used as wireless truck during the early part of the war.

Designer - Morris 

Manufacturer - Morris & Others

Weight - 

Length/Width/Height - 

Crew - 3

Engine - Morris EH, 4-cylinder 3.5 litre

Max Speed - 50 mph

Fordson WOT 2

The Fordson War Office Truck (WOT) 2 was another wireless truck which Phantom used during the war. 

Designer - Ford

Manufacturer - Fordson

Weight -  2.05 Tonnes

Length/Width/Height - 4.5/2.0/2.3m

Crew - 3

Engine - 

Max Speed -

Willys Jeep

The Willys MB 'Jeep' was a highly successful 4x4, light, military utility vehicles, built in large numbers to a standardised design which had many uses. It proved vital in Phantom's role. Manned by three: Officer, Gunner and a signalman the would quickly rush behind enemy lines 

Designer - Willys

Manufacturer - Willys/Ford

Weight - 1.1 Tonnes

Length/Width/Height - 3.36/1.57/1.7m

Crew - 3

Engine -  Inline 4 Willys L134

Max Speed - 50 mph