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William Ernest Jowitt




The Story of Bill

Wireless Signalman/Corporal 

William Ernest “Bill” Jowitt


Service number 2370024

Uncle Bill.jpeg

Pre-war and Training

Bill was born in Hull in 1921 followed by four sisters. At the outbreak of war in 1939 he worked at Blackburn Engineering at Brough Aerodrome and in early 1941 he signed up to the Royal Corps of Signals when he was seconded to Phantom as an instrument mechanic. To find out more click here. 

At War

Bill landed in Normandy on D-day+3 he spent alot of time around teirceville near Montgomery's head quarters and passed through northern France to Dieppe staying behind enemy line and through into Belgium and the Netherlands, to find out more click here. 


Operation Willemshaven

Bill wrote down one of his adventures which he called 'Operation Willemshaven' he wrote in detail about this mission behind enemy lines.  It occurred on April 25th some two weeks before the town was liberated, to find out more click here.

Post War

As part of the liberation force in Germany Bill was posted to Breda, where he met his future wife, Edith, After the was he went onto become a teacher. Sadly he passed away in 1999 to find out more click here.

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