Phantom was divided into Squadrons.  Each Squadron consisted of a Squadron HQ (SHQ) and a number of Patrols (one per Corps and a further ten further forward of Corps). Each Patrol consisted of an officer, an NCO and up to 9 other ranks. 

Squardron Formation.jpg


"A" squadron Patrols were numbered but "B" Squadron Patrols were given bird's names as shown in the diagram of "B" Squadrons’ formation or 'Signal Diagram' alongside the 2nd Canadian Army in Normandy

Each squadron had its own 'J' Service which monitored Phantom's own communication.

Here you can see a typical Phantom Patrol operations layout: The wireless receiving trucks are parked alongside the ops and coding vehicles so that everything is as close together as possible. 

The jeep, just setting off, is part of the daily Dispatch Rider Service to all Phantom patrols carrying mail and any instructions they may require.

Phantom Deployed.jpg