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Deployment - S.A.S. & the Special Forces

Early in 1944 the squadron which had been part of the Dieppe Raid, men were trained for parachute work and commando raids. After the parachute training, they joined the S.A.S. (Special Air Service) or with commando units as their “communications”. When circumstances required it, men were dropped by parachute – sometimes behind the enemy lines at night – with their very small wireless sets as Phantoms skills enabled these short range radio sets to be used at long range.

‘F’ Squadron G.H.Q. Liaison Regiment or S.A.S. Phantom was attached to the Special Air Service Brigade to provide communications support in operations in France and beyond in February 1944. The role was to (i) provide parachute patrols and later small detachments in Europe (ii) manage the SAS Brigade Signals Office (iii) prepare communications plans for operations and brief parties before infiltration (iv) instruct SAS Brigade Regiments in wireless and cipher (v) equip S.A.S. parties with correct communications equipment before infiltration (vi) man S.A.S. Brigade base sets for daily communications to individual Regiments on exercise and operations (vii) man the BBC Announcer to those operating in France and beyond. Read more here.

At the national arboretum there is a monument dedicated to the men of Phantom who served with the S.A.S.

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