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Deployment - Germany

Patrols went with the assault parties across the Rhine and into Germany, and “due to us”, said the Commanding Officer of the Regiment, “nearly everybody knew exactly where all the leading troops of all the Armies had got to and a firm grip on the situation was kept.”

They made known the first details of the German concentration camps and prisoner of war camps. The last spectacular event was the link-up with the Russians; a Phantom patrol was directed by the U.S. 1st Army to a certain point where the link-up was expected to take place, and the moment it became an accomplished fact the news was put through.

During the eleven months of fighting on the Western Front, Lieut.-Col. McIntosh's “Phantoms” sent more than 70,000 of these messages from the battle areas to the headquarters of the 12th and 21st Army Groups.

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