Deployment - France

Some of the Phantoms were parachuted into France before D-Day, others went in with the assault troops and others to support the Battle of Normandy.

During the assault, first news of the Normandy landings was sent back by Phantom. Their reconnaissance operation began while still on the landing craft. Other patrols from Phantom came to Normandy on D+1 (7 June 1944) and onwards. One patrol was assigned to each Divisional HQ of 1 and 30 Corps to land with Main Divisional HQ. Thus on D-Day, three Patrols (5, 8 & 14) landed with 3rd BR, 50th Northumbrian and 3rd Canadian Divisions. Their task was to go around day and night to find all the British, Canadian and American units they could, marking their locations on a map, and passing the information to the main HQ. As the battle progressed, the closing of the Falaise Gap became news through their efforts.