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We are a living history group dedicated to keeping the memory of GHQ Liaison Regiment alive


GHQ Liaison Regiment, codename “Phantom”

was an innovative, special reconnaissance and liaison unit, that was formed during World War 2.  Their role was to provide real time intelligence about Allied and Axis positions from the battlefront.

Their reconaissance patrols operated close to the front line, gaining a crucial overview of battles by observation, contact with forwrd units and listening to the radio traffic generated by units directly involved. They relayed this information by wireless, via their Squadron HQ,  to their  Liaison Officers  who worked alongside the Commander in overall control of the battle. By bypassing the normal chain of communication in this way, the Commanders were given an unprecedented up-to-date picture, to assist them to progress the battle.

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William (Bill) Jowitt, our uncle, served with Phantom from 1941-47.

This family connection has inspired our interest in Phantom.

Bill Jowitt.jpg

The Phantom Living History Group aims to  further the knowledge and understanding of this unit and share our interest in Phantom with others by attending events all over the country and in Europe, to display our collection of Phantom related vehicles and artifacts.


We are also part of the Northern World War Two Association and the Military Vehicle Trust and  are a non-political group whose aim is not to glorify war but to act as a living memorial to honour and respect those who served.

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